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The real estate market in Telluride has been very active and inventory is starting to thin out in several different segments. If you currently own in the Telluride region and would consider selling, now is a great time to talk with me about listing your property for sale.  
Spring and Summer is aideal time to sell, or purchase a property with the surroundings coming into bloom. If you are considering selling and would like a customized market analysis done on your home, I can provide an accurate value for you. Or, if you are buying and have questions, it’s always nice to have a local market expert on your side. There are always several NON MLS listings at any given time. Keeping in touch with me will ensure you know about every property in the region, not just what you find online.  
To keep up on the Telluride real estate market I can send you weekly, monthly, or quarterly reports with current detailed information. Just send me a quick reply asking for them.
If you are in the beginning stages of considering a sale and just want to know the current value of your home, please feel free to contact me at anytime to discuss further. 
  1. Curious about what your home is worth?  
  2. Contact me today for a free evaluation consultation of your property in todays markets, with no obligation to list.
Adam Black 


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