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Telluride Homes

We recently closed on a great single family home in the Telluride Mountain Village, and my clients sure got a great deal. This was a very unique opportunity, because the house in Mountain Village was deed-restricted, meaning you need to live and work in Telluride region to qualify, but the home was foreclosed on and it looses the deed-restriction making it free market. It is the first opportunity for a single family home of its kind and I am happy to have been able to sell the home to one of my buyers. It will be a perfect fit for them and I know they will be very happy with their purchase for years to come. CLICK HERE FOR PROPERTY DETAILS AND PHOTOS

Knowing the market intimately as I do, gives me the ability to seek out these deals, where most brokers do not know the little nuances of a complex deal like this. If you are looking for a broker to represent your best interest, who has their finger on the pulse of the Telluride Real Estate market, look no further. Contact Adam Black, of Telluride Properties today to discuss your property needs and visit www.telluriderealestate.CO for more information and the best property search platform available, for free access to the Telluride MLS.



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