Cap Lifted On Short-Term Rental Licenses

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Cap Lifted On Short-Term Rental Licenses
The cap on short-term rental licenses within the Town of Telluride expires November 2, 2023. New short-term rental business license applications will be processed beginning November 3, 2023. 2023 licenses will be processed under the current licensing and fee structure and will expire on December 31, 2023.

Telluride Town Council Passes New Short-Term Rental Policy
The Town of Telluride will implement new short-term rental licensing software in 2024 with new licensing categories, fee structure, and compliance requirements. 2024 renewals will be available as soon as possible in 2024, but not prior to January 1, 2024.

What are the new 2024 categories and fees?STR Business License Fees: Business license fees return to amounts charged before 2D passed in 2021.Lodging Business License: $66 per sleeping roomAccommodations Business License (STRs): $165 per year plus $22 per sleeping roomSTR License Categories: Classic, Limited (Limited to a cumulative of 29 nights), Residential (Residential Zone District limitations), Mid-term, Long-termSTR Administrative Fee: $288 per licenseSTR Regulatory Fee: 40% Regulatory Fee at $857 per bedroom.Limited, Residential, and Lodging licenses are exempt.
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